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Château du Marquis de Termes
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Château les Conseillans
Château Lamothe de Haux

Musée du Vin et du Négoce
41 rue Borie
33000 Bordeaux

Arrêt Tram B « Chartrons »
Arrêt Tram C « Camille Godard »
Du lundi au dimanche de 10h à 18h

05 56 90 19 13

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Jan Ove T
Jan Ove T
11. Juin, 2024.
Wine tasting with history Good explanation of various wines from the area and the district. Great premises, lots of nice old equipment and a perfectly good guide system with wifi on your mobile in many languages. Expensive in the store
5. Juin, 2024.
Good Tour & Wine Tasting Session Even though this museum is quite small I found the audio guide much better than the one in Le Cite Du Vin. The Wine tasting session was also much better than Le Cite Du Vin as it was explained quite well by the resident expert. Entry is covered by Bordeaux City Pass
William F
William F
2. Juin, 2024.
I dont understand the allure. I dont understand the attraction here. Its two 50 yard wine cellar rooms with a nice audio guide of a bunch of small relics about wine. For me, it was so musty and stale, I was sneezing the entire time. There is a wine tasting associated with it, but I opted out since the person pouring was coughing no stop as I waited. Its definitely not friendly for children.
15. Mai, 2024.
An amazing hidden gem! Worth your time, even if you already think you know wine. You'll learn more. We enjoyed this little museum immensely! Worth the trip. It's a self-guided tour through the cellar with interesting artifacts and information about the history and craftmanship of winemaking in Bordeaux. The staff also gave a very interesting tasting lesson. Highly recommend taking the hour or so to visit this museum.
14. Mai, 2024.
Fantastic small intro to Bordeaux Near hotel and gets good reviews so visited. €10 for self tour and taste of 2 wine €15 for 3 wines. We’ll set up and a great introduction to Bordeaux wine. Tasting very informative and 2 nice wines. Small shop selling large wi r range and accessories
6. Mai, 2024.
Well Worth the Time! Excellent Historical Review of the Bordeaux Wine Trade. The history information dated back over 500+ years ago. It was a self guided tour with the option of an audio guide with your smart phone or a printed book. You walk through at your own pace and it is easy to go forward or back with the audio version. The museum is located the historical building from the 12th century. Wine tasting was average but very pleasant lady who gave the presentation. Well worth the admission cost.
5. Mai, 2024.
Charming experience Three of us (as part of a group of ten) visited the Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum. Mary Chantal Leboucq, who helped found the museum, provided us with a tour. Her commentary was educational, and her wonderful sense of humor made the experience entertaining as well. Mary has loved wine, wine making, and the wine business for a long time. She says her grandfather would claim that she had been born in a wine barrel. After walking through the exhibits, we were treated to an informative wine tasting – again with lots of humor. The tour ended in the museum’s gift shop, with its wines and many wine-related items.
Emma C
Emma C
13. Avril, 2024.
Average Museum was interesting, wine tasting very non authentic and poorly explained and only average wine. Disappointing experience
Hella N
Hella N
5. Avril, 2024.
A must do for It was an unforgettable experience! A super interesting museum and a more than complete tasting! I recommend 100%!!
5. Avril, 2024.
Unmissable Bordeaux place The Wine and Trade Museum is a real gem for wine lovers and history buffs in Bordeaux. This museum is full of valuable information on the history of Bordeaux and its wines, offering a captivating immersion in the region's wine heritage. The wealth of exhibitions and documents presented allows us to better understand the evolution of the wine trade over the centuries. What really sets this experience apart is the argumentative tasting offered at the end of the tour. It’s much more than just a tasting; it is a real sensory lesson which allows you to deepen your knowledge of the different grape varieties, terroirs and winemaking techniques. Each wine tasted is accompanied by detailed explanations which enrich the experience and shed new light on what we are tasting. In short, the Musée du Vin et du Négoce is a must-see for anyone wanting to explore the fascinating history of Bordeaux and its wines, while enjoying a memorable and informative tasting experience.

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