Who are we?

The association Bordeaux Historia Vini is the initiative behind the opening of the Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum on the 26th June 2008 which you can find in the historic district of Chatrons. In three semi-underground cellars, the museum presents a collection of unique historical objects, many testimonies of the past and present. You can also find several panels and informative documents that explain the wine trade of Bordeaux: from the evolution of the wine merchant dating back to the Middle Ages since the Bordeaux wine privilege to the present day with the work in the wineries and exports. Several major themes are addressed in the Museum: • The explanation of the Bordeaux wine trade system: looking at the properties, the brokerage, the trading thanks to numerous artefacts, models and 2D realizations. • The history of the great merchant families of the 18th and 19th centuries portrayed through family documents and testimonies, and not forgetting the new traders developing in Bordeaux. • The various classifications: from the prestigious classification by Napoleon III in 1855 (the classified growths of the Medoc and Sauternes), the Wine of Graves classified in 1953/1959, and the Wine classification of Saint-Emilion in 1959. • The sulphur revolution and the ageing processes practiced in the cellars of Chartrons. • The Port of Bordeaux and its wine exports are illustrated by various artefacts, documents and other enactments. The association offers: • A presentation and exhibition of objects and visual aids which constitutes the museum in cellars. • A dedicated wine tasting area as well as a shop situated in the old cooperage of the building. • Various temporary exhibitions (paintings, sculptures etc.) in the final cellar of the museum. A museum rich in history and memories that is constantly innovating. Firstly, by evoking many new opportunities for today’s traders, and secondly by incorporating new technologies for the various visual elements of the museum with the help of local dynamic businesses.

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